Essential Mascara-Black Water Resistant-REFILL

Essential Mascara-Black Water Resistant-REFILL

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Water-Resistant (Black) Mascara-REFILL

Created for even the most sensitive eyes, this water- and sweat-resistant formula helps your mascara stay put, even when you’re on the go. Made with organic white tea, it’s packed with antioxidants for healthier, stronger lashes. Apply a light coat for plump, lengthened lashes, building for the desired volume. Plus, it’s multi-use, doubling as a product to keep those eyebrows in place all day. We’re all for mascara that works as hard as you do.

Refills: The Essential Mascara refill comes without the mascara wand. Simply wash your current mascara wand with hot water and soap until all of the excess product is removed, then spray with isopropyl alcohol to sanitize. Ensure the brush has dried completely before putting it into your refill. Refills are only compatible with Essential Mascara wands.

Disposal: Thoroughly wash and dry the silicone wand and glass tube. The wand may be saved for reuse and the glass tube may be recycled in your household recycling

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