Who We Are

We are two friends who met organically, and our passion for helping others by educating people on how to transition into a more conscious, eco-friendly way of living was born, Our goal is to teach others how to change one habit at a time by eliminating single-use plastics and reducing waste.

We have turned waste into our mission and hope you will come along side us to fulfill our desire to make a difference within our community one refill at a time.



 Hello, I’m Gena Money, co-owner of Bulk   Refillery, and my journey to consuming and   using clean non-toxic organic products   began decades ago while selling,  consuming and sharing pure, safe +  beneficial products with others.

Over the years I have recycled, reused and  composted in various ways, but recently became more conscious of how waste is consuming our planet. In our home, we often have two bins of recycling and ½ can of actual trash. As my family continued to make changes and reduce waste, Julie's daughter discovered a store dedicated to refilling and living a more package-free life. That was the answer, make the concept easier to access for everyone who wants to live similarly. With nothing like this in my community, it was time to put some action behind the landfill waste.

At my core helping others become the best version of themselves has always been my passion. Leaving something better than I found it has been my goal, why should our planet be any different?

If we can inspire people to implement a few changes and apply them to their own lives, that's when we will make the biggest impact. Start by doing one thing, then look at another and over time it causes a ripple effect. Explore composting, gardening, or bringing your own container for leftovers while dining out and really start looking at the waste. Individually we can reduce our carbon footprint, and before you know it in a short time you’re living a more sustainable life.

Come along with us as we change our community and our planet one refill at a time!


 Hello, I am Julie Chamberlain, Co-owner of   Bulk Refillery. 

For more than 20 years I have been transforming lives in the classroom as a math teacher.  My passion is to support others in their journey of learning and growing. 
My first experience with being conscious of waste was when I was a child.  We had a garden, fruit trees and composted our food waste and yard clippings.  Reusing was a part of our lifestyle.  Upon marrying my husband and joining my bonus family, I learned more about using products that were better for my environment and my own health.  Can someone say Oregano Oil?
Becoming more aware turned into a necessity as I encountered some health issues.  I began to be even more intentional about what I was eating as well as what I was putting on my body and items in my house.  We moved to an even more non-toxic and organic life as I began to heal.  So… Here I am, wanting to share a passion for helping people move towards understanding how they too can use products that are more healthy for them and live a sustainable lifestyle.  We do all this in order to better our bodies and minimize our footprint on the earth.  I look forward to meeting you.