What is a Refillery?

Great question! We are a retail store designed to help you reduce your single-use plastics by providing an opportunity for you to reuse and refill your own containers. We believe in non-toxic, organic products that are GOOD for YOU. We offer a shopping experience like no other in our community, where you only pay for what you need.


What do I bring if I am planning to visit your shop?

BYOC, Bring your own clean, reusable container (i.e., glass jars, glass or plastic bottles, etc.), or grab a free one from our community shelf, we sell some too! Don’t forget your reusable bag to carry all your goodies home in. *If it is your first visit, plan for a little extra time so we can show you around. Do not expect to change everything in your home at once. Take inventory of what you’re running low on, we are confident you will find a refill option once you arrive.


How do I fill my containers?

  1. Weigh your container
  2. Grab some freezer tape + a pen to write your product #
  3. Fill your jar with the product(s) of your choice
  4. After you've filled your container, bring them to checkout for final weighing

*Don’t forget we are here to answer any questions and help you!

Where are your products made?

Our goal is to source products that are manufactured in the USA! We try our absolute best but sadly, it isn’t always possible. For example, bamboo is mostly sourced in China and Vietnam because they are the largest producers. Of the 1400 species grown in the world, only 3 are grown in the USA. Once the USA produces enough bamboo to make pulp, we will source it from here.

Do you take donated jars?

Yes! We will accept glass jars (with lids) because plastic is often hard to sanitize. They must be clean and label-free, dirty containers will sadly be refused. Donations can be made during business hours only, please do not leave containers outside our shop when we are closed.


What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of our business, refills are not refundable. Exchanges are handled on a case-by-case basis with the main objective of keeping customers happy by treating you fairly. We stand behind our products and want customers to be completely satisfied with all items purchased. We want to create an experience focused on products that are good for you! Please read below for additional information on returns. For a full description of our policy please visit https://bulkrefillery.com/pages/shipping-and-refund-policy




Where can I compost and recycle if this isn’t offered in my community?

Please contact Fertile Ground Cooperative, they offer sustainable solutions in composting, recycling + so much more. They are located at 2228 S. Sante Fe Ave, Oklahoma City 405-633-0264. www.fertilegroundok.coop


I don’t want to throw my vacuum away, how I can repair my old one?

Did you know we have a local vacuum store that has served our community since 1976? For servicing call Bob at House of Vacuums located at 1425 S. Sante Fe Ave, Edmond. 405-341-4750 www.edmondvacuumsok.com

If you bought a new vacuum and aren’t sure what to do with your old one, Bob will service your old one for donation and give it a new life or use the parts in other repairs!


My eyeglasses need to be tightened, where can I go?

Enjoy Optical, Josh would love to help you clean and adjust your glasses + you can see his wide selection of frames and even order contacts while you are there. 109 N Broadway, Edmond 405-283-6837 www.enjoyoptical.co. Tips for cleaning your glasses yourself: https://enjoyoptical.co/blogs/glasses-faq/how-to-clean-your-glasses-at-home-or-let-us-clean-them-for-yo